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Mark Dreyer

I love making pens. At one point, I had over 150 pens sitting on my fireplace mantle. I also love being married. I kept buying more and more pen kits and blanks and my wife let me know in no uncertain terms that maybe I needed to get rid of some pens before I bought more. I started giving them away. Well that does not work any better than just
keeping them on the mantle. I had less pens but still could not afford to keep buying the parts and blanks. I also wanted to start making my own blanks and doing more. This led to more pens on the shelf. See the catch 22 I was in. I wanted to keep making pens but I needed to get make it self suffiecient. So then I thought that I could try and sell them. Selling is not something I do well.

In real life, I am a nerd. I design computer systems. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and a MBA in Entrepreneurship. I have never sold things. In general, I do a lot of work on weekends rebuilding houses, helping friends with basement projects, building websites for them, or helping them move because I own a truck. How do I get paid for all this help? I generally ask them to simply feed me. I love wings, so we go out for dinner and that is how I get paid. Well, now I cannot ask everyone at a craft show or at the gallery I am in to buy me food, so unfortunately, I have to sell.

I thank you for looking at my pens and reading my bio. I hope that it has not bored you to tears (because quite honestly it is hard to look at this website with tears in your eyes). Please know that I take my craft seriously, but I have fun doing it. If you are simply looking, please enjoy. If you decide to purchase, please let me say thank you in advance. I hope that you will enjoy the pen as much as I enjoyed making it. If you do not see what you want, please contact me and we'll see what we can do together.